1. Time Slips By
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Well It's half past noon and I ain't moved I'm just writing this tune And this one's about you And a perfect shade of grey Has been painting my world today And ain't it funny honey How my Time Is Slippin By Slippin by like the rocks in that river That cool Montana water How it made my body shiver When I When I was younger

And I never got to say goodbye to my father But I'll see him again

Because my Time Is Slippin By

Now when I asked you to marry me And you started to cry I knew that right then That I had to say goodbye To a part of the man that I was Inside before that day

Now we'll have Halloween on Christmas Eve And do anything that we please Because our Time Is Slippin By Slippin by like that 4th of July When the colors in the sky Matched the shades in your eyes
And I wrote you this song And every single word was I Love You

And I'll believe it and I'll be it Cause I speak it and I'll sing it for you

Because our Time Is Slippin By

Now when I go to the Big House Way on up in the sky I'll bang on that door And I'll scream and I'll cry I'll say Let me in I want to talk to the man in charge around here I'll say 'I would have done more talking With you when I was below But you know

Well My Time was Slippin By Slipping by like this California sand That's running through my toes And runnin right through my hands And I hope Well I hope you understand I said I hope you understand That every single time I say goodbye It's 'cause my Time Is Slippin By

Well it's half past noon And I still ain't moved I'm still just writing this tune And it's still about you And I'm still a freight train running On the tracks way out of control And I need to slow down and just enjoy the view It's true And watch the Time Slip By