1. California


I got a song way down in my soul
Screaming out just waiting to be told
It's like the holy ghost
I can't see him but I know he's there

And I've been everywhere
But nothing's quite as lovely
As this view from the pier
Except her eyes
When they're looking right back at mine

I get my feet wet in this new city
And all the women are so damn pretty
But you were flying by
Asked if I would like a ride

Now I'm terrified
Lord knows I don't fly
But we got so high
And all I ever do is fall

To the South I'm seeing Mexico
To the North big cities where I never go
She's as far back East as she could be
And it don't get no more West than you and me

And it don't get no more West than this
Slow Southern California Day

A perfect night we spent in Ocean Beach
Crowded room full of busy people laughing
There you were in the Sunshine Saloon
Burning like a ball of blazing sun

There I was with my guitar in my hands
And girl it was only me and you
So come on darling slow me down
My Slow Southern California Day