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  1. New Best Friend


Sunday morning in my room alone
And it's been raining all year
Never thought I’d see the sun again
But then I saw your face

And I know which way the wind is gonna blow
But lord knows which way a woman's heart will go
You’re hot but you’re no different

I'm going Home
With my guitar
I don't need No New Friends.

Hot damn there you were again
Looking twice as good
Red lips Long legs
Brown hair and hazel eyes
But a devil in disguise

You were like a bad black back tattoo
And I never wanted to get stuck on you
Like a bad black tatt
So hard to remove

Here we are
In the most unlikely of places
You're right inside my arms
I took my hand
Held it to your chest
I could feel your heart beating
It wasn't like the rest

I thought I could do one of two things
I could stay right here and fall in love
Or I could run

But then I thought
Forget those record deals
Who needs them when I've got you
Forget 10,000 people
I just want to sing for you tonight

You're like a sunrise on the move in the middle
Of my little itty-bitty heart
And I'm taking you home
You're like a rainbow after
The rain storm gone

You're my new best friend

And we're going home
Not alone
With my guitar
You're my new best friend